The Generation Of Kids Who Constantly Think It’s OK To Answer You Back

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I have been working in a school in Sussex  this week, and while I know it’s Christmas and the kids are over excited, I just  can’t get over how rude they are and how they think that it’s OK to answer me back as an adult, as a teacher and as a visitor in their school.

They also think it’s quite OK to show very  little respect to each other, snatching scissors, throwing pencils and mocking each others efforts working on their “I am special because …..” booklet with me.

I’ve come across this quite a bit in some inner city schools –  this whole attitude of kids from Reception to Year 6 answering teachers back, arguing the toss with them and seeming to think that that is acceptable behaviour.

If my own kids showed such a lack of respect I’d be mortified – but there is a generation of some kids who have grown up disrespecting authority and I think it must be truly exhausting for the hard working teachers constantly battling poor behaviour all day – in my opinion how can you teach kids anything if they are not listening, not able to stop talking and not able to concentrate?

I have lots of techniques  up my sleeve as a former Deputy Head and Trainer and I also have many years experience, and lots of fun ways to engage the kids. I also realise of course, that they don’t know me or understand my expectations, but I often hear kids answering their parents back in the supermarket, on the train and in the park – and I just wonder why parents have relinquished their power over to their kids – are they just too tired, too busy or think it’s OK for a 6 year old to argue with them about putting on their shoes or picking up their jumper off the floor.

I believewe are there to be our kids parent – not their friend !

I’ve blogged before about poor behaviour, low school morale and disaffected kids

But I have certainly noticed that in some places there has definitely been a shift in attitude towards respect, manners and doing as you are told without questioning every single command.

Think I must be getting old 🙁 – but really good manners, respect and obedience should never go out of fashion should they?


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