Why YOUR child’s school should have a One Page Profile

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I had a super day filming about the wonderful One Page Profiles that are being introduced in to schools through the UK by Helen Sanderson Associates and myself. I was delighted to have been invited to do the voice over and filming for the launch of this ground breaking video that was launched in The House of Commons on 22nd October.

This video will show you just why every child in education should have one from Nursery to Senior School – to Senior Management Teams !


A one-page profile is a simple way to start personalising education. It is a person-centred thinking tool that provides a way to capture who each pupil is and how best to support them – as far as is possible on one page.

There are three sections in a one-page profile:

‘Appreciation’ – what people appreciate about the pupil, their character, gifts and talents

‘What is important to’ – what matters to them, from their perspective, about school and life

‘How to support’ – the ‘expertise’ from family, teachers and other staff about how to get the best out of the pupil (and the pupil themselves of course)

One-Page Profiles can be developed and updated throughout the school year and as part of the curriculum.

Here is a graphic summary of one-page profiles used term-by-term in a primary school.

Here is a graphic of how a secondary school is developing and using one-page profiles throughout the school year

Quality and one-page profiles

One-page profiles are deceptively simple. It is vital to start with a clear understanding of the headings and quality standards related to them.

Helen & I recommend training for staff who will be developing and using one-page profiles so please contact me on 01342 833355 for more information.

The one-page profile summary in the one-page profiles in schools workbook – headings

The one-page profile summary of standards in the one-page profiles in schools workbook

The Manchester Grammar School info/quality on one-page profiles

Last week we ran the first of our One Page Profiles for FAMILIES Workshop here in my Tudor Farmhouse with dogs and kids and Mums and cupcakes.

It was an important day as we were bringing One Page Profiles into the heart of families – creating memories that will last a lifetime and creating family bonds that will deepen and strengthen as the years go by.

The secret to the One Page Profile is the “Digging Deeper” session where Mums asked really fascinating questions and listened to really comprehensive answers from their kids – it was all about feeling special, feeling heard and feeling really understood and celebrated for being a unique child amongst a family of many.

To find out more about our One Page Profile Workshops and Family Days contact me on [email protected] and watch this space for my new website and video that will be launching soon.

Explore about our special day  here 🙂


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