Back to School “Happy Dance” Goes Viral: VIDEO

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When I saw this video I smiled 🙂

It all started four years ago, when Tracy Moutafis, mother of nine and 11-year-old boys began doing a “happy dance” in the street as their bus left the first day of school. She waves and dances to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang ! Her yearly happy dance has made her popular in the neighborhood and an online celebrity. She records her dance each year and this year, as a YouTube video, the mom’s back to school happy dance quickly went viral.

Tracy Moutafis said on Good Morning America that she decided that she would do something fun when the boys went back to school. As she continued the mom happy dance, she kept recording it. And now, it is an online sensation. The “happy dance mom” even told Good Morning America that she had no idea that it would become so popular online.

Surprisingly, her two boys don’t really care that she dances them off to school and continues to dance in the middle of the street as they travel away on the big yellow school bus.

This back to school happy dance video shows that some mums sigh a sigh of relief when their kids get back into a routine and that lots of Mums are happy when school starts!

If your child has already started school, it’s not too late to do your own “happy dance.” You can dance in the street, on the pavement, or in the privacy of your own home to your favourite tune.

What’s your tune going to be “Freedom” by George Michael?

What do you think are you relieved or sad when your kids go back to school?

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