Dog walking, new friends and happy conversations

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I’m a dog lover – as we have three lovely dogs Barney who will be 18 in a couple of weeks, Paddy who’s 8 and Freddie who is 2.

They are great fun and have built up wonderful memories for us all – to when they all first arrived over the years, to the silly and funny things they do, to now as Barney is ageing and deaf and finding it hard to keep up with us all on our long dog walks.

Having dogs has been a simple and lovely way to stay connected to my kids as we played with them, walked them and they took responsibility for feeding them.

It built memories that lasted a lifetime – particulary through their teenage years as I have always been mindful to keep the lines of communication open whether it was going as season ticket holders to watch Chelsea FC or through walking our dogs in the countryside around where we live.

Today I had a lovely morning as I met up with some lovely people who walk other people’s dogs for a living. They had they various lovely dogs with them and as we began chatting in the sunshine they graciously invited me along to walk and talk with them.

It was a simple gesture but it made my morning so pleasant and it made me ponder about life’s simple yet memorable moments – it takes no cost to be civil, friendly, open and welcoming – they cheered me up and made me smile.

What could you do today to be more open hearted?  It will lift your spirit, teach your kids kindness and may just make your day !

Do go and check out Chris from if you’d like a really caring company to walk your dogs, or look after them when you are away on holiday or busy at work.


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