Are you on a guilt trip from too much parenting advice?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Mums and dads are being bombarded with so much contradictory information about the “correct” way to raise their children that they are losing confidence in their parenting skills, an expert warned yesterday.

Constant advice from professionals, family, friends, and even strangers on the street is overwhelming parents with guilt and confusion, psychologist Jodie Benveniste said.

A study of 350 parents on the Parent Wellbeing website found that scrutiny and information overload were contributing to a lack of parenting confidence. Mixed messages on discipline, toilet training, childcare arrangements and childbirth methods increase parental worry about not making the “right” choice.

“Everyone seems to have an opinion about raising our kids and it is understandable as we are raising the future generation,” Ms Benveniste said. “But ultimately kids really benefit from confident parenting and that is where we are getting a little bit unstuck. That is when kids find the cracks and start to run the house instead of parents running the house.”

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