I’ve been nominated ‘The Most Inspirational Therapist or Coach’

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I’m so excited as it’s my great pleasure to tell you that I have been nominated in the category of:

“Most Inspirational Therapist or Coach”

for the What’s On 4 Me 2012 Awards

Please vote for me here:

What’s On 4 Me 2012 Awards


Here’s what Natasha Philipps has kindly said about me:

“Done, with pleasure. This is what I wrote in the reason box:

 “As a comms consultant working on child welfare issues, I have worked with Sue on debates in the House of Commons and consider her insight and perspective on children and their needs not only brilliant but also much needed in a sector where children continue to be misunderstood. Sue is also incredibly lovely as a person”.

Deidre McLaughlin from www.sign2music.co.uk kindly said:

“Sue is an inspirational lady both in terms of parenting advice and lifestyle coaching. She not only knows the theory but is down to earth, honest and speaks using her own life experience, putting people immediately at ease.”

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