Does your child know what to do if they get lost?

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Well it can happen to anyone – I know it certainly happened to me in Spain when I was young. I got lost. But my Mum and Dad had taught me what to do and what to say if I ever got lost.Well on Sunday it happened to the Camerons – the Prime Minister’s family !

David and Samantha were travelling in separate cars and both assumed the little girl, 8, was with in the other vehicle and Nancy had gone to the toilet on her own without telling anyone.The Camerons only realised Nancy was missing once they arrived home, two-miles away from the pub. When Samantha Cameron returned to collect her – after 15 minutes – she was found ‘happily helping’ pub staff.

It’s easily done ( didn’t the same thing happen to Jesus in the Bible?)  and as usual I always naturally see the good that can come out of circumstances so I was delighted when Claire Bardner, mum of 3, inventor of award-winning Me Finder – fun digital wristband to help kids when they get lost, @Jacqueline_Gold #WOW winner contacted me on Twitter to ask my opinion of her great invention.

Losing your child in public places is every parent’s worst nightmare. So get back together quickly with your child, with less stress all-round by giving your child your phone number & teach them what to do when they get lost.

Go and explore these colourful writbands at Me Finder  for peace of mind for just £14.99 + FREE P&P

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