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I was coaching a lovely Mum today who was feeling overwhelmed with her work committments, kid’s bedtime routine and busy life so I taught her my  One Point Technique which is very simple, very straightforward but very powerful and helpful.

It’s on all of my Parenting Made Easy CDs and Mp3 downloads and is only one of my simple, easy, quick and transformational techniques to help you be the best parent in the world for your kids – check out  here my Parenting Made Easy CDs and Mp3 downloads  and Journals

One Point

I want you to relax and imagine yourself centred and grounded like an oak tree with deep, strong roots that go deep into the earth.

Stand with your legs slightly apart – solidly planted.

I want you to feel centred and in control of everything around you and I want you to move your attention to a place just below your belly button which is called your One Point. It’s a place where your body is perfectly balanced and can’t be swayed, knocked over or upset.

It’s a place of true control where you breathe deeply and slowly and where you feel at ease and relaxed – balanced and unshakeable.

This is a place of confidence.

This is a place of certainty.

This is a place of maturity and wisdom.

This is a place of balance.

Imagine your child having a tantrum, answering you back, being stubborn, difficult or embarrassing or just plain naughty.

See what you see – hear what you hear – feel how you feel and take your energy to your one point just below your tummy button.

Breathe in and feel yourself centred, grounded and balanced – make your legs solid, slightly apart and rooted deep into the earth.

And relax breathing slowly and deeply.

Imagine there is a see through glass window between you and your child – which just gives you a sense of distance from the situation – and an opportunity to just press your imaginary pause button for a minute to take stock of the situation, your emotions and a chance to work out quickly what you want to do about the situation and how you’re going to handle it.

From this place of centredness relax and continue to breathe deeply.

And now imagine it’s got a few challenging moments in there with tears, sobs, screams and flaying legs and arms – imagine handling them easily and effortlessly – remaining in control, calm and centred.

See yourself relaxed, in control and smiling and breathing slowly and deeply so your child feels secure, safe, loved and understood – while they are letting out their frustration.

See yourself ignoring the passers by or your mother or your mother -in-law’s face – see yourself relaxed and at ease knowing that you have the strategy in place to handle whatever life or your little one, or your kids throw at you.

Now imagine the situation going really well again and teach your unconscious mind that it can handle anything whether it is going well or going pear shaped.

By imagining these situations first you are preparing yourself for every eventuality and it gives you a feeling of confidence as you feel prepared to handle anything.

Be clear about what you want to happen – see it clearly and in detail – be firm and confident about what you expect your child to do next, be relaxed but mean business and then be prepared to hug, reassure and kiss your child to help them understand that in a swirl of high scary emotion they are safe, they are loved and they are nurtured.

Their self esteem is respected and they are loved for who they are – not for what they do – unconditionally and with safe boundaries around them to help them grow and learn.

Now come back into yourself and take all the positive and confident feelings back with you and all the learning from the different situations you imagined.

How do you feel ?

I’d love to hear how you found this technique and feel free to pass it on to a friend 🙂



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