The Bus Stop Dilemma

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Here’s a story from my never ending notebook and everlasting coloured pencil

The Bus Stop Dilemma

The question is, how long do you stand at the bus stop?

You’ve been here awhile now, standing in the rain, gazing hopefully down the road. The first few minutes were alright – you used the time to text your daughter, call your Mum and plan what time to pick up the dry cleaning. But it’s been awhile now.

You watched the corner intently, eagerly, with anticipation and hope. You willed the bus to come. You even thought you heard it, only to discover it was a transit van delivering goods to the local bread shop. This false excitement makes you feel even more frustrated, impatient and fed up waiting.

So how long do you wait at the bus stop?

How long do you wait to be picked up?

You’ve got a lot to do and you need to get started.

You’ve got lots of plans.

Surely the bus must come soon?

I mean, why offer a bus service if it doesn’t deliver on its promises when you need it the most?

So how long do you wait at the bus stop?

How long before you decide that you’re going to walk?

How long before you decide that waiting for others to do something for you is not always the best idea?

So you start to walk, and find it surprisingly pleasant.

As you take small steps towards your destination you start to enjoy the journey – the sun shines, the sky is blue and people smile at you on their individual journeys too – sort of celebrating your courage to join them.

You discover your strength – you discover your muscles. You discover your footing is steadier than you thought.

You hadn’t quite realised that all those years of waiting for the bus ….

Perhaps you don’t really need for another bus to come along and save you …………….


What lessons are in this story for your children to learn?


Adapted from “One – Minute Mystic” by Simon Parke

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