Do you send your children to school with ‘sniffles?’ That’s what the government want you to do !

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Well, I’ve just been invited to chat with the legendary broadcaster Tony Blackburn on BBC Berkshire about the latest government suggestion that parents should send their children to school if they are ill with colds because too many pupils are missing lessons when they are mildly unwell.

Now as a former Deputy Head and class teacher for over 20 years I just wonder if that is a good idea ……

Of course kids don’t need to be wrapped up in cotton wool and my own kids knew full well I was a working Mum who couldn’t  take time off for just a hint of a sniffle. I am made of sterner stuff and believe in soldering on – no man flu sympathy in my house BUT ……

if your child really is poorly they are just spreading the germs throughout not only their class but also the school – so everyone comes down with it.

I also know parents who give in to their kids on the first sign of a little cough or cold or “upset tummy” when really they just had a late night the night before and haven’t done their homework !

You know me by now – it’s all about a balance isn’t it ?

How do you cope with the Monday Blues or your child’s illnesses – it a real juggling act for lots of parents too with work committments.

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Read here The Daily Telegraph article

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