Interview: Sue Atkins – on Children’s Self Esteem

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Today I’m delighted to have been interviewed by the very lovely Natasha Phillips who organises Researching Reform who also kindly invited me to the House Of Commons debate after the riots in London to speak about the role parenting had to play in that event.

Natasha is also a consultant for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Family Law and The Court of Protection, & does pro bono work for both mothers and fathers, collaboration with charities and organisations and organises events on family law and the justice system.

Here’s my speech at the House of Commons about life after the riots

Here is yesterday’s interview about children and self esteem.

Researching Reform had the privilege of interviewing the BBC’s parenting expert, Sue Atkins on her views about children’s self-esteem, from branded clothes to bullying and beyond. You can listen to the interview below!

Sue works a great deal with children and families and she’s delighted to be able to offer parents who are separating or divorcing a helping hand when it comes to preparing your children for the separation. If you would like to get in touch with Sue to find out how she can help, you can do so here.

There is also the chance to download the first 50 pages of Sue’s new book ‘How to raise happy children’, coming out next week, for free, by going to Sue’s website, where she has kindly made this possible. You can go to the download page, here. If you loved the first few pages, you can buy the book here.

Interview, with Sue Atkins, Wednesday 28th March, 2012



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