Can you really have it all ?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


Can you really have it all?

I’ve studied with the best from Tony Robbins, Paul McKenna to Jack Canfield and having it  all is totally achievable according to all  the self development gurus and totally possible …… but is it?

It also seems to be the Holy Grail of modern living these days to want it all and to want it NOW……

But is it possible for everyone – dads or mums, kids and grandmas?

Do you still believe you can have it all ?  The perfect work/life balance, the perfect family, the perfect relationship? Or is it a myth?

The actress Emma Thompson speaks out in The Telegraph dismissing the idea that women can have it all as a “revolting concept”.

Adele Lancaster the  entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and co-author of The Big Enough Company: Creating a business that works for you  suggests  It’s Not About “Having it All”, it’s About Having a Lot

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