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In keeping with my theme of bringing up happy, confident teens this week because I have been asked to write some answers for Think Jam the award winning digital PR and creative agency based in Hollywood that is promoting the latest award winning George Clooney film “The Descendants”  as the film has raised some issues around bringing up teens.

Here’s this week’s question to ponder……

What dreams are your kids dreaming?


The front page of The Times caught my eye on the way home from watching Chelsea on Saturday afternoon as it was remarkable

It was remarkable for a number of reasons.

It showed an 11 year old boy interviewing the president of theUnited States and being given a full 10 minutes of his valuable time and being taken completely seriously.

So many of us have dreams, yet so many of us give up on our dreams when a parent, teacher or friend teases, laughs, criticises or has a limited view about they think we can achieve, or when we hit the first hurdle.

It takes courage, commitment, patience and a deeply positive mindset and belief in yourself to make your dream come true.

It takes tenacity to get back up when you falter and not stay down.

It takes guts and determination not to settle for the ordinary and mediocre or to give up when you feel demoralised and defeated when you really want to accomplish something special.

It takes remarkable fortitude to “have another go.”

Fortunately we are all different and one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to dreams – so what made the photo even more remarkable was that he was interviewing the first black president of the United States– two dreamers who took real ACTION in very small bite sized steps to make their dreams come true.

Yesterday also saw the wonderful success of Jessica Ennis who won the world heptathlon crown and who will be on course, no doubt, to fulfill her dreams of Olympic Gold. Growing from her nickname of ‘The Tadpole’ into a smiling tigress that ripped the best in the world to shreds.

So my Parent Coaching Question for this week is:

“What dreams are you encouraging in your children to dream?”

Because as I like to believe, a dream is really only a goal ……. With a Date !!

Here is the amazing video of Damon Weaver, looking good in his suit, interviewing Barak Obama who is inspiring in his advice to parents and kids who have a dream – enjoy !


I’m a mum of two teenagers myself so I know first hand what you are going through – so no finger pointing just a helping hand !

If you are having problems with your teens here’s my “Navigating The Choppy Waters Of The Teenage Years” CD and ideas book


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