The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story for Parents To Ponder

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Posted by: Sue Atkins



Being a successful, relaxed and confident parent is not about controlling your environment, controlling your kids, controlling your partner or even about controlling your life, but instead, it’s about being able to respond to it with extreme flexibility.

A captain of a ship can’t control the wind, the sea, or the weather and those who think they can, will eventually hit an iceberg and die of stress.

Successful sailors don’t try to control the wind or the water, but instead, they respond to those challenges in such a way that the wind and water become allies to move them forward towards their goals. Slowly, steadily and with clear focus onwards, towards the ports on the other side of the widest oceans.

It’s in seeking co-operation and acceptance with our environment that we reach our goals, and when we have learned how to do that, then we are free.

Free from fear and strong in the knowledge that no matter which way the wind blows, we will know what to do to get where we want to go.

So what’s this story saying to you today?

How does it impact on your parenting?

What sort of sailor are you?

What small changes do you need to make to feel more at ease with your circumstances?

Most people I know don’t even think about the bigger picture to their parenting and are stuck in what I call the “socks and pants and do your homework” stage. So take a few minutes here now to ponder – what are your parenting goals?

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