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Posted by: Sue Atkins

The bottom line is that you are the one who is creating your life the way it is.

The life that you are currently living is the result of all your past thoughts and actions.

You are in charge of your current thoughts and your present feelings.

You are in charge of what you do and what you say.

You are also in charge of what goes in to your mind to feed your confidence, uplift your spirit  or make you feel positive.

You are in charge of the books and magazines you read, the TV you watch, the films that you see and the people you hang out with.

To be more successful in your family life take a few moments to ponder what you are currently doing and if you don’t like what you discover – don’t beat yourself up – try something new this week.

If you’d like to work personally with me I’m around more this week as my kids are on holiday so give me a call on 01342 833355 for a chat.

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