The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question – The Importance of “Why?”

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I was recently coaching a lovely Mum who asked me “What do I do when my daughter incessantly keeps asking me “Why?” all the time?

I think that each question a child asks is an attempt to add to their limited knowledge of the world and should be encouraged, as it let’s children know that you value their curiosity, that you value their ideas,  and that you value their opinions and their thoughts. Their questions offer you the chance to teach them about our wonderful world.

When adults lose patience with a child’s questioning kids learn to close down and learn that curiosity is not to be encouraged and it actually stunts their creativity.

Creative people are invariably intelligent people and they’re curious about themselves, the world and other people.

So just for this week just ask yourself:

How can I teach my children to ask more questions?

p.s And don’t forget if you don’t know the answers I bet Google does ! LOL !

Have fun being curious together

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