The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story To Ponder

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 Here’s today’s story from my never ending notebook and my everlasting coloured pencil.

The Stubborn Computers

Two computers are sitting on a desk in a brightly lit sitting room surrounded by the noise of a typical family and they won’t, can’t and refuse to talk to each other, yet they are side by side. 2 1/2 inches apart – only a very small space between them.

One has a file that is needed by the other, but ne’er the twain shall meet as they seem locked in stubborn distance and are unable to communicate with each other.

If it wasn’t for the fact that one file needs to pass from one to the other, it wouldn’t even matter just where they are in time and space – what links them, and makes that distance appear, is a common task that requires both to communicate.

But “hurray” help is at hand.

Both are connected to the Internet. So they can send their file to the third party server. Which lives in California, on this occasion, and happens to be 5456 miles (8781 km) (4741 nautical miles) away from where the two computers are sitting near London, 2 1/2 inches apart from each other.

So the file travels 5456 miles (8781 km) (4741 nautical miles) as one computer uploads it to the server, and then 5456 miles (8781 km) (4741 nautical miles) back again as the second computer downloads it from the third party location.

Now, the task has been accomplished; the journey is at an end.

And the moral of the tail?

In this case, the shortest distance between two points which were 2 1/2 inches apart, turned out to be 10,912 MILES.

Who are you finding it difficult to communicate with?

How can you bridge the gap, take the first move or find your own server to send your files to?

If you unlock your server and switch user what will be the benefits be to you, your kids and your whole family if you get rid of the virus infecting your family relationships.

Who do you know that can be that Internet Server and help you communicate and relax so you can all feel less stressed, more energised and happier?

How can this story help you to unlock a relationship in your family life this week?

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