The Chore Chart That Kids Love

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I love coincidences, as you know, and yesterday I was interviewed by a journalist for a national newspaper about my views about getting kids to do their chores and jobs and today I have just discovered a new site that is lots of fun !

It’s called Goal For It and it’s a really fun place to help your kids set goals, develop the positive mindset they need to succeed in life and have fun at the same time – a perfect combination !

They have a Chore Chart that looks lots of fun.

Parents have lots of success using their free Chore Chart because it’s fun & easy to use, and it helps kids feel excited to do their chores on time, every time.

It also will:

  • Teach kids about responsibility in a fun, positive and visually engaging way they’ll absolutely love
  • Easily create a personalised Chart in minutes
  • Their Chore Charts can be either used online or printed off
  • Create an optional reward system for additional positive reinforcement that allows kids to earn points while they learn
  • Their free Chore Chart helps kids succeed!

Get Started … they’re 100% free

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