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Christmas Shopping

It’s a busy time getting organised for Christmas but it needn’t be stressful, overwhelming and exhausting.

Yesterday’s blog was all about helping you relax, taking back control of your life and learning to ask for help.

So take a few minutes to ground yourself, sit down if you prefer and  breathe deeply and slowly…… in for 4  counts …….. hold your breathe for 4….. out for 4 ……. do this three times …… slowly…… breathing in……. holding for 4 …….slowly breathing out………

And say out loud or silently ….

“I breathe fully and calmly  and relax my body”

Now visualise yourself in the past, when you were full of beans, full of energy, full of fun and see the biggest smile you can ever remember on your children’s faces and smile too !!!

Right …… bet that feels better ! 🙂

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