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Affirmations out loud

When I was on the truly inspiring  “Date With Destiny ”  Seminar with Tony Robbins  a couple of Decembers ago in Orlando he made us focus on turning our affirmations into incantations –  we had to go outside  walking and talking our sayings out loud. That certainly took walking my talk to the next level !! 

It seemed a bit weird but do you know I still say my affirmations out loud when I’m walking Barney, Paddy and Freddie round the fields of  sunny Surrey because …… THIS REALLY WORKS !! 

 Using affirmations is a tried and tested technique used by all successful people from sporting stars to successful business people and is something I’ve read about consistently  with Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Gill Edwards, Jim Rohn to when I worked along side  Paul McKenna on his Weight Loss Seminars

So why not embrace this simple technique, if you haven’t tried it before and commit to doing it for just a week …… you can do it walking from the car park to the supermarket , pacing on the golf course to walking to school or you can do it twice by linking it to a habit , like brushing your teeth and looking in the mirror.

You choose….. you find what works for you but just give it a go and see what happens …… and why not email me or post a comment to let me know what you discovered…………….. I could bang on about the science and the neuro pathways that it opens up ….. but hey …… it’s sunny and I want to go for a walk with the dogs !

Have fun, get curious and let me know what happens!

I believe in the power of my dreams

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