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The Giraffe

Here’s a story from my never ending notebook and everlasting coloured pencil about teamwork and the “we” mentality.

There was once a giraffe who was taller than his brothers and sisters – he was the tallest giraffe that anyone had ever seen.

The pity of it was that, being the tallest giraffe, he was also the proudest.

”Look at me!” he was always saying. “I’m the tallest – I’m the cleverest – I’m the best giraffe of all!”

His brothers were used to it and took no notice, but the monkeys were very annoyed, and one young monkey made up his mind to teach him a lesson.

One day he said to the tallest giraffe:

”There’s some lovely juicy fruit growing on a tree not far from here, but you wouldn’t be able to reach it.”

”Follow me,” said the monkey, and he ran away into the trees.

The giraffe went loping after him, and presently the monkey stopped.

”There it is,” he said, “but I know you can’t reach it.”

”Pooh,” said the tallest giraffe. “Just watch me!”

He reared up his long neck, and he put out his tongue, and he stretched and he stretched-but the fruit was just out of reach.

”I said you couldn’t reach it,” said the monkey. “But I could.”

”You?” laughed the tallest giraffe.

”Watch me,” said the monkey.

He jumped on to the giraffe’s back and scrambled up his neck. Then he stretched out his long arm and picked the fruit.

” I helped you,” the monkey reminded him. “Just remember we can do it together.”

And after that, the tallest giraffe didn’t boast any more, and he and the monkey remained the best of friends.

So what’s this story saying to you as a parent ?

What’s the benefits of building a “team” or “we” mentality for your family?

How do teams manage in times of trouble, despair and challenges?

How do teams celebrate in times of celebration, success and achievements?

How can you build more team spirit and the habits of helping each other more this week in your family?

What will it teach your kids?

How will it make you feel ?

So …. what’s stopping you?

There’s a huge  poster as we go down the stairs at Fulham Broadway Station after watchingChelseaplay that has the team all working together and it says….

“Together nothing is impossible”

Just a thought ……. !

If you enjoy my Wednesday Stories there’s lots more here – just log in , sit back and enjoy……=>

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