The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story – The Quarryman

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The Quarryman

My Wednesday Story is a magic metaphor for life – it helps us ponder , reflect and connect to what’s important in our lives and I hope that you enjoy reading them each Wednesday.

Here is a story from my never ending note book and ever lasting pencil about a Quarryman today.

A quarryman’s work was hard, having to work all day in the quarry from dawn to dusk. He was not happy and he started to grumble saying “This is no life. Why is it my fate to be a quarryman? Why can’t I be someone who has more wealth than I do? If only I were rich, then I’d be happy.”

An angel appeared and said, “What would have to happen for you to know you were rich and happy?”

“That’s easy. If I was rich, I’d live in the city, in a beautiful penthouse. I’d be able to see the sky. I’d have a fourposter bed with cool black silk sheets and I’d sleep all day. Then I’d be happy.

“You are rich,” said the Angel waving her magic wand. And he became rich with all his dreams come true. And he was happy.

Until one day he was disturbed by a commotion in the streets below. He sprang out of bed and ran to the window. Looking down, he saw a graceful golden carriage. In front were horses and behind were soldiers. It was the King. And the people who thronged the street were cheering and bowing.

The rich man instantly knew unhappiness and he said “I’m not happy. The King has more power than I do. If only I was the King, then I’d be happy.”

And the Angel appeared and said, “You are the King!” And he became the King and was happy. He felt his power and he felt his might.

Then one day, he noticed Sun. And he saw how the Sun had power to do things he couldn’t even dream of. He saw how the Sun could turn all the fields from green to yellow and from yellow to brown. The Sun could even starve the world of life!

And he knew unhappiness and he said “I’m not happy. The Sun has more power than I do. If only I was the Sun, then I’d be happy.”

And the Angel appeared and said, “You are the Sun!” And he became the Sun and was happy and he ruled the world from his zenith, exulting in his power. Until one day he noticed a cloud, a big black Raincloud. And he saw how the Cloud had the power to turn all the fields from brown to green, refill the rivers with flowing water and retrieve the life of the world. And depression filled him.

“I’m so unhappy. This Cloud has more power than I. If only I was Cloud then I’d be happy forever.”

And the Angel appeared and said, “You are the Cloud.” And he became the Cloud and was happy. Until one day he saw, far below him, Rock. And he saw how Rock, black, strong, unyielding, was unchangable. And he saw that no matter how much or how hard he rained, nothing he could do could challenge or destroy Rock. Rock was rugged and resistant.

And he knew the bitterness of unhappiness once again. And he said, “I’m so unhappy. If only I were Rock then I’d be happy.

And the Angel appeared and said, “You are Rock” And he became Rock and felt his might and power. He was happy.

He exulted his strength, and sense his permanence. He loved his abiity to withstand everything Nature could throw at him. He laughed at the Sun and ridiculed  the Rainclouds.

Until one day, a Quarryman arrived……

What do you think the story is trying to tell you?

What’s is trying to teach you as a parent?

What values does it bring up for you that you can pass on to your children?

Does always comparing ourselves to others helpful, fulfilling ?

Does always wanting more satisfy us and what does it teach your children?

How can you say “no” more confidently to your children?

How can you teach them your values and beliefs and pass on your views around  the balance of  having and enjoying material things whilst  being happy with what they’ve already got?

Love to hear your thoughts …….so do leave a comment !

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