Babies natural bonds with mothers eroded by pushy parents.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


I have recently been interviewed about babies being “hothoused” by their pushy parents for a feature for Practical Parenting and Pregnancy magazine on a study that says mums are taking their babies to too many classes eroding the bond between mother and child.

It’s an interesting article !

I think it’s all about finding a natural, healthy balance as babies need to bond gently and calmly with a  relaxed, calm Mum ! The classes are lovely but you don’t need to be out at one every day ….. that may say more about the Mum’s need to be busy or feeling that they need to be constantly  enriching the baby …. or even to allay the Mum’s loneliness…….

Classes are fun and enjoyable and also do help first time Mums make friends, but I think Mums need to  take it slowly. I used to love singing and humming to my kids when they were babies and you don’t have to be on X factor to sing a lullaby to your little baby do you ?

What are your thoughts on the article in The Daily Telegraph ?

We live in a busy, frenetic, hectic world …. nurturing a baby is a lovely, special time….. slow down, go at your babies speed and learn to relax, look into your babies eyes and smile – that’s the magic of babies not rushing around frantically to all the classes available. Choose one and enjoy it ……. then over time perhaps try another. Bringing up a baby isn’t a competition so relax and enjoy this unique and special time with your baby.


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