Seven million school aged children and four million adults suffer daily from bed-wetting – help is at hand.

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Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days

More than 750,000 children in the UK accidentally wet their beds at night. According to figures published by the British Medical Journal, 20% of five-year-olds have difficulty in controlling their bladders at night-time and it remains a problem for 3% of all 15-year-olds.

The actual numbers are likely to be even higher as bedwetting is still a taboo subject which many parents are not happy to discuss – in many cases, it isn’t even talked about within the family.

Here are some simple tips to help;

1) Everyone needs to be helpful.

2) Avoid liquids after a certain time of the day.

3) Frequent bedwetting in older children might be a sign of a physical problem so just monitor this and talk to your doctor if you are worried.

4) Point out the progress your child is making when your child wakes up dry and celebrate and praise them.

5) Allow your child to assist you with the cleaning up without blame or criticism.

7) Help your child stay “Positive” by focusing on their successes and relaxing around their setbacks.


My friend Alicia Eaton has written an excellent book to help called “Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days” which is available from her website.

Why it’s important to treat bedwetting – and restore your child’s confidence


Bedwetting – also known as nocturnal enuresis – can have serious consequences, including a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, with children often failing to reach their full potential.

Invitations to sleepovers have to be refused, while school trips, camps and even family holidays are met with fear.

Left untreated, prolonged childhood bedwetting can lead to difficulties forming relationships and finding work, susceptibility to stress, anxiety and even depression.

Studies show that bedwetting children who are given professional help and advice are more likely to become dry than those who are left to ‘grow out of’ the habit.

How does “Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days” work?

Success 4 Kids - Hypnotherapy NLP

Alicia’s book is a tried-and-tested guide, which incorporates the latest techniques and success strategies from the fields of positive psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP.

These techniques complement a child’s natural development and encourage vital mind and body connections to be made. Once these are established, both the child and the parent can look forward to a lifetime of dry nights.

The book also comes with a free downloadable recording for children to listen to, filled with positive suggestions to help them change their unwanted bedwetting habit.

Image of Bedwetting Extra tips and advice

Bedwetting Extra

She has now written some more tips and ideas, from getting your child involved in changing the bed to monitoring what they eat, along with her Top 10 Tips to stopping bedwetting.
Read more tips and ideas for dry nights here…



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