Books with positive messages for girls

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


I have  had a query from a mum about books for girls that have positive, confident and empowering messages for girls  in them.

Here is a list:

I am delighted to introduce you to Wonderlicious  who believe  that every child is placed on this earth to accomplish something remarkable, something that only he or she can do.

Their tribe was created with one single purpose, to help reduce all threats to girlhood that crush girls ‘ true nature and potential.

They  focus on overturning the gender stereotypes that make girls obsess with body image, keep girls from taking leadership roles, that limit girls’ interests in sciences and maths and cause them to feel self-aware when playing sports.

Their mission is to empower girls all over the world to grow up healthy, happy, self assured and educated allowing them to achieve ALL THEIR DREAMS!

Check them out here



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