Are You Buying Toys That Stunt Your Child’s Brain?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Here’s a thought provoking article from The Huffington Post

“If you are living a fast-paced and busy life, the downtime you get from a seemingly innocuous “device” that passively entertains your kid, is probably a welcome respite. However, Gameboys, computers, cell phones and the plethora of over-stimulating toys should not be your babysitter. I am not advocating a militant, anachronistic journey back to the days of handmade wooden toys and found objects.

What I am advocating is that you as parents take a conscientious look at how your child is spending his or her playtime. Make sure that all of your child’s free time is not screentime. Choose toys and games that inspire creativity, artistic development, musical ability and physicality.

Try to choose activities and games that motivate children to relate with each other. For babies, sometimes even simple objects like stacking cups and wooden spoons can be used imaginatively in multiple ways. For older children, think about toys that do not do “a lot” such as dolls, action figures, blocks, trains, instruments, art projects and books. Beware, you may encounter some resistance when you choose Legos rather than PlayStation, but stay the course.


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