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I have been working in a school recently and I just noticed how many more negatives the children received than  positives and I wondered why I was coming home SO tired.

Then it dawned on me – negative energy drains me – it pulls me down rather than pushes me up !

This way of speaking and acting can become a naturally negative habit that just drains the life force out of you, your kids, and your family and  it also really damages everyone’s self esteem to boot too so ……………. just for this week  pretend that you have a camcorder on your shoulder and observe yourself in all sorts of situations to see the sort of language you use around  your kids, your partner, the shop assistant in the supermarket, your child’s school secretary, your home and inside your own head !

This is not about beating yourself up , but about making some positive changes if you don’t like what you discover !

Using positive language, using positive body language, and adopting a positive tone of voice all contribute to your well being.

DON’T join the pity party and become a victim of negativity – it will drain you, keep you a victim and suck the joy and delight of life from you over time, and may even make you ill.

How you view the world is your CHOICE.

We are all dealt a tough hand of cards at times but it’s how we choose to play them that really makes the difference.

So just for this week stop and ask yourself…….

How negative do I sound all day ?

And CHOOSE a different attitude, mindset and approach to life and notice the difference it will make to you all !

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