Do you have 20/20 vision or a sty in your eye?

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I’ve just had my eyes tested at Spec Savers this week and have just picked up some stylish new glasses and it made me think of Allison Mitchell’s great book “Time Management for Manic Mums” where she talks about The Eye of Time.

The Eye of Time is a wonderful analogy and tool for pinpointing what you are choosing to focus your time on. She asks what gives you 20/20 vision and clarity and where your life is at the moment.

She talks about “near focus” which is all the activities, jobs and routines that need to be done from the washing and ironing to the taxi –ing the kids about and making the dinner. To the “far focus” activities that you can’t see like paying the bills, filling out the school forms for your child’s latest trip to the Polka Theatre, to painting the back bedroom and mending the fence.

Then she talks about “peripheral vision” which are the things that get left out as they are outside your normal focus of vision – activities like having a night out with your partner, going to the cinema with a girlfriend or learning to Salsa Dance.

And “blind spots” that you just can’t see anymore  – like dressing up in your little black dress, going out after work for a drink with your colleagues or planning that trip to South Africa.

So what’s your vision like at the moment do you need an eye test in your work/life balance? 

 Do you have 20/20 vision or a sty in your eye?

 But more importantly what are you going to choose to do now you’ve become aware of it…… life is all about taking small committed actions

 So just stop and ask yourself:

 “How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?”


~ Tony Robbins

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