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Here is a simple story from my never ending notebook and everlasting coloured pencil about a farmer and his rooster that illustrates the power of being determined.

“There was once a newcomer who moved to a small rural town. He soon found that all of the residents were farmers and for entertainment, they would bet on rooster fights.

 Being peaceful by nature, this new resident wanted to help everyone get off this activity. He wanted to inspire them to engage in something more positive for themselves and the animals.

He paid a visit to the organiser of the fights, introducing himself as the greatest expert in taming roosters. The newcomer stated he would pick a very special rooster and train it for the next fight as long as everybody in the town would wait until the bird was ready.

 Peaking the interest of all the men, they made a deal. Everyone waited curiously and started making bets for or against this exceptional rooster.

After a few weeks, everyone got impatient and went to ask the newcomer when his rooster would be ready to fight. He answered: I am sorry, but my rooster is still chasing all the others around wanting to pick a fight, so he is not quite ready yet.

After three months, the men from the town went to check on the situation again, saying they had no more patience to wait. The new farmer stated his rooster was still not ready and said: It is getting better. My rooster is not looking for a fight by itself anymore. However, when others challenge it, it still rushes in to fight. If you give me more time, as you promised, you will see the best fighting rooster anywhere in the world, but you will have to wait.

Needless to say, the residents of this little town were so curious about what this newcomer was doing, they were willing to continue waiting as previously agreed. Even after six months went by, their interest was still higher than their emotions and they kept waiting more.

On the one-year anniversary of the day the newcomer came to town, the organiser decided to go and really find out what was going on with this rooster. He gathered his men and they went in a long procession to the home of the newcomer. Sensing they were coming, he greeted them outside his door. The men impatiently asked if the so-called incredible rooster was ready.

The newcomer nodded positively: Yes, it is ready now. The whole crowd cheered.

The organiser asked what the rooster was able to do presently that it could not do before.

The newcomer answered calmly: Oh, it is very different now. My rooster is so ready that when any other rooster wants to pick a fight, it just looks at it and the other rooster gives up. My rooster now has a winner attitude. It is so determined to win, it does not need to fight at all.

All the men stood in awe. Some had been into rooster fighting for many years. They always did it to show which bird was stronger. Now they were facing a brand new lesson from a stranger who was showing them how inner strength counted more than the physical.

They thanked the newcomer for the deep wisdom he revealed to them. To this day, they never organised rooster fights ever again.”

From The Inner Expansion Blog

What does being determined mean to you?

How do you teach your children to stick at something until they finish it?

What are the benefits to teaching your children tenacity?

How do you model determination, stickability and tenacity for your kids?

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