The Sue Atkins Inspiring Sunday Saying

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The Sue Atkins Sunday Saying


Having set myself an enormous task of trying to make a big difference in the world through my writing, coaching, CDs and now my Parenting Made Easy app I sometimes get downhearted, lose my footing and lose my belief that I am making that difference so I have this poster up in my office just by my computer to remind me and to inspire me to keep going.

I created my free Positive Parent Posters  to inspire and motivate  you too. They are really easy to print off and  pop up on your kitchen wall. Let me know your favourite  🙂

“Develop Your Resistance Muscle”

The truth is that you will have setbacks along the way. This is just inevitable. The sooner you accept that, the better.

Many of these setbacks will take the form of circumstances that come up and block your way.

If you look closely, you may find that these setbacks are directly correlated to your thoughts, fears and limiting beliefs.

This is because we create what we focus on including those things we don’t want.

Don’t get stopped by the bumps in the road: learn from them.

As you work through setbacks that come up, you will become the person you need to become to live out your dreams.”





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