The UK Government’s crack down on the early sexualisation of children.

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UK Government cracked down on the early sexualisation of children

I am really delighted to have been invited to speak on such a variety of subjects this month for BBC Radio Stations around the U.K from Sheffield, Belfast, Wales and Surrey talking and advising on Boomerang Kids, Pushy Parents,  The Evening Standard “Illiteracy Campaign” to the UK government’s crack down on the early sexualisation of children through music videos and posters. 

Here’s the rest of my current coverage for  you to enjoy reading.

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Junior magazine – interview re: little ones saying they are running away

NLP Life (Paul McKenna newsletter) – NLP & teenagers

 BBC  Radio Surrey & Sussex (9th June) – teenagers (inspired by piece in The Guardian)

CityTalk Liverpool (9th June) – the importance of mothers (35 minutes)

CityTalk Liverpool (12th June) – Madonna & adoption

BBC Radio 2 – Jeremy Vine (11th June) – choosing a nursery

My Child– sibling rivalry

Families SE – School holidays (July/Aug issue)

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