Topic of the month – TEXTING WHILE DRIVING

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Texting while driving



My son Will turned 18 in November and learnt to drive. So this graphic video is something I have made him look at and thought you may also like to send to your kids and their friends.

I know I can be guilty of also grabbing my phone when it goes off in the car sometimes …… not any more!

I  had a very bad accident on the M25 about 8 years ago, when I could have so easily have died too so this video has brought up trapped memories for me too.

Gwent police helped local filmmaker Peter Watkins-Hughes in the production, which stars local drama students Jenny Davies, Amy Ingram and Laura Quantick. The film is a sequel to a previous documentary called ‘Lucky Luke’, made 14 years ago, which showed the devastating consequences of joy riding.

This shocking and graphic video showing the aftermath of a car crash has taken YouTube by storm, with millions of people watching the video around the world so the power of the Internet is also a force for real good as well as change. Take a look in full screen to really get the full effect.

Along with colleagues in the other emergency services, Gwent Police created the film’s crash scenes “because we want to stop ALL drivers, but particularly young and new ones, from causing accidents”.

Take a look in full screen and with the sound turned up to get the full impact of its message.

British PSA Texting While Driving

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