The Important Role of Grandparents

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The important role of grandparents

We were away in Newcastle for Grandparents Day, as my husband Kevin was doing the Great North Run  and the kids were at home being spoilt rotten by their Grandparents.

But I read that 42% of grandparents lose contact with their grandchildren after a divorce – just when they need the stability, love and unconditional support that Grandparents bring into their lives and I’m delighted to see Gloria Hunniford going to war for grandparents, the forgotten victims of divorce  in an article in The Daily Mail today.

As a Parent Coach I often work with divorcing couples helping them to manage change more positively and I always get them to think about the really important role of Grandparents in the lives of their children.

It strucks me as a real shame  if Grandparents are shut out of their grandchildren’s lives because they are the  very people who cuddled them in hospital when they were born, spent every Wednesday after school pushing them on swings in the park, and baby sat on Saturday evenings telling bedtime stories and allowing them to eat chips and chocolate. 

Grandparents often describe the change as being like a bereavement.

Children benefit enormously from their Grandparents patience, attention and wisdom. My children have been greatly and very positively influenced by my parents, who are no longer sadly around to pick them up from school and buy them the prohibited sweets and comics I wouldn’t buy them!

But now they love going up to Redbourn on the train to their other Grandparents to thrash their Granddad at golf and “Chelsea Monopoly” and to spend time just chatting with Grandma about High School Musical and earrings!

Lynn Chesterman, Chair of The Grandparents Association said, “Don’t punish your ex by cutting his parents out of your children’s lives-see the bigger picture, be more compassionate and enrich your child’s memories of their childhood.”

I think she’s got a point!

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