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I have been writing a chapter for my new book all about sibling rivalry and here are my thoughts to inspire you today to make harmony and respect an important value and way of life in your family.

“As parents we wear many hats – teacher, referee, psychologist, coach, policeman – yet the most important hat you wear is your communication hat that helps your kids become life long friends and build strong bonds. Don’t be afraid to teach your children blood is thicker than water and that brothers and sisters are important to each other. If they speak disrespectfully and rudely to each other remind them that they wouldn’t speak to a complete stranger in that way and get them to imagine how it feels to be spoken to in that way.

 Don’t be afraid to instil and establish your values and beliefs about how important the bonds of family are. Get them to stick on the radio, do the washing up together and have a laugh – it will bring them together as a team.

 Brothers and sisters are each other’s life supports – when you have passed on they will then have each other to love and look after and ”be there for”.

Friends come and go but siblings are forever and will ultimately be each other’s best friends supporting and caring for each other.

So help your children develop the “united we stand – divided we fall mentality” because families work better when they look out for one another. Pulling together and pitching in together when things get difficult helps families bend not break through divorces, bereavements, redundancies as well as the joys of new babies and weddings.”

~Sue Atkins


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Sue Atkins is a Parenting Expert who offers practical guidance for bringing up happy, confident, well behaved children. She is also the author of “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” one in the  famous black and yellow series published worldwide and the highly acclaimed Parenting Made Easy CDs. She regularly appears on BBC Breakfast and The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 and her parenting articles are published all over the world.

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