My day outside Buckingham Palace waving at the Royal Wedding

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Celebrating outside Buckingham Palace at the Royal Wedding

Today we got up earlier than a school day and went to London to have breakfast at our favourite greasy spoon cafe. We had a traditional English Breakfast  of bacon and eggs and toast – washed down with a great mug of tea! It was FAB and a great way to kick off the celebrations in London with all the masses of happy, smiling people waving their flags and wearing their hats !

My daughter took some fantastic photos and I’ll pop them up on my Facebook page later when she’s uploaded them.

We stood outside Buckingham Palace as I wanted to see the couple wave from the balcony.

The military bands playing marching songs, the  dark brown noble horses and the soldiers looking resplendent in their red and gold uniforms, the laughter and the conversations made it a special day and brought back wonderful memories of Princess Diana for me. As a Mum I felt sad that she couldn’t be part of all the excitement and fun. She would have been very proud of her son today.

So here’s an interesting article  about Prince William and Kate Middleton honouring Diana’s memory.


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