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You like me, may find that you run a constant stream of chatter inside your head and most of it is quite judgemental and harsh. We get so used to it that it becomes just like a negative pattern of behaviour inside our own heads and is actually like an old friend.

It’s like a river of negativity constantly flowing along.

I remember playing with my Dad in Wales in an old dried up riverbed which was all cracked and where the mud was all bone dry and hard to walk on. It reminded me of a time of long ago – a time passed and it helped me to dry up the old riverbed of negativity that I was running inside my head.

So today I’d like you to imagine the sun’s amazing warmth drying up the old negative riverbed of words inside your head as it’s holding you back, is unhelpful and is actually stopping you from feeling good about yourself.

A great way to really change the way you consistently think and to start to reframe those negative voices is by saying an affirmation over an over and over again in your head. But the most powerful tool available for conditioning and consistently changing a habit is doing an incantation.

An incantation is simply moving to the words so they become really part of you, and you can feel them really deep within you and it’s also great fun!

I crank up my ipod first thing in the morning with some great uplifting music and start to dance to my incantation. Other people go for a run and say it to the rhythm of their paces; others look into the mirror when they are brushing their teeth first thing in the morning and last thing at night. But the main thing is to make it a habit that naturally and easily falls into your routines.

Incantations are powerful because they also change the riverbed of language and words that you’ve got so used to running and very quickly you start to look at life with a far happier and more positive outlook ……. and who wouldn’t want to feel that good?

You’ll really start to notice everyone around you seems much more relaxed, happier and easy-going. Kids do as they’re told, homework gets done, TV gets turned off when you ask – all from you feeling better about yourself inside!


Just as your muscles need to be kept in condition so do your emotions and beliefs, and incantations create that certainty. So by being consistent you will easily build new habitual positive inner thoughts and start to reframe those negative voices once and for all!

I dare you give it a shot for 21 days and see the difference!

I have a wonderful family, great kids and I’m proud of what I have achieved

“What you consistently speak with emotional intensity, you will experience, you will create, and you will become.
Tony Robbins

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