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 Here’s your Wednesday Story from my never-ending notebook and everlasting coloured pencil! 

 Once a upon a time there was a person – and this person was a water carrier. She carried pots, two pots to be exact, across her shoulders, on a pole.

One of the pots had a crack in it. The other was perfect.

Every day the water carrier would make the long walk from the stream to her house in the village. By the time she reached her house the cracked pot was half empty, while the perfect pot was still full to the brim.

For many, many moons this same story continued, for every journey the water carrier made, she would only deliver a pot and half of water.

Naturally, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments, fulfilling perfectly the function for which it had been made.

But the cracked pot was deeply ashamed of its imperfection, and felt its own failure deeply, achieving only half of what it had been made to do.

Eventually the cracked pot could stand its imperfection and shame no longer. One day on the way home it spoke to the water carrier.

“I’m so sorry and ashamed. I have wanted to apologise to you for so long. You see I am only able to deliver only half my load to the house because you work so hard and you don’t get a full reward for all your hard work and effort.”

But the water carrier smiled and replied gently, “Haven’t you noticed how beautiful the flowers grow in abundance on your side of the path where we walk home, while there’s nothing on the other side?”

“You see, I’ve always know about your flaw. So I sowed seeds along your side of the path many, many moons ago and every day as we walk back together from the stream, you have watered them.”

“And for all these months, I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate our house and brighten our lives. Without your being just the way you are, there wouldn’t be this beauty in our world. Without your contribution, the world would be a far poorer place.”

Points to Ponder

• Each one of us has our own unique flaws or imperfections

• It’s our flaws that make us special and unique

• It’s our flaws that allow us to make our lives together so fascinating and rewarding

• Everyone has their own unique contribution to make to the world

• We should take each person as they are, recognise that we are all different and to look for what’s good in them.

• It’s great to appreciate the variety of life and to celebrate our differences.

So what is this story offering you as a parent?

Have fun today celebrating that you are a crack pot!

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