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Being of Service

Here’s your Wednesday Story from my never-ending notebook and everlasting pencil!

Being of service

A Parenting Magician was running a course. The group was a challenging one. There were different value systems and agendas at work.

Some wanted one thing, others wanted something else.

Some thought they were superior to others on the workshop, in knowledge and sophistication, and the others were slowing them down.

Some people thought certain people were arrogant, demanding and selfish.

Everyone thought that the room was too small.

Once somebody develops an itch everyone seems to want one and then it spreads.

The Parenting Magician waited, hoping that the dynamic of the group would resolve itself.

It didn’t.

She went home for the weekend and considered what to do and her strategic options.

There were many, but certainly some would work better than others.

Breaking off from her strategic planning she opened her letters that had accumulated in her letterbox during the week. From a large brown envelope she took a glossy promotional brochure for a training programme and idly glanced through it.

Her eye was drawn to a section headed “Notes for Delegates,” she was struck, as she had often been before, by the remarkable fact that the world is there to serve us if only we will notice it.

She read the section carefully and knew what she would do.

On Monday morning, in a new and larger room, she wrote on the flipchart in large letters:

How can I be of service……

To myself?
To others?
To the Parenting Magician?

How can The Parenting Magician be of service…..

To herself?
To each and every member of the group?

How can each and every one of us be a magician, an agent of transformation and change, to ourselves and to others?

And she added as a footnote a quote form Aldous Huxley.

“Experience isn’t what happens to us. It’s what we do with what happens to us that counts.”

There was a long and quiet moment of reflection.

And as the message was understood, the process of transforming began.

How can you be the agent of change today within your family?

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