Sue has been invaluable to our family through some very difficult and upsetting times. Not just with our children, which is why we initially engaged, but also giving support and counselling to me as a parent to help understand some of the complex psychological processes. She was always on hand and made every effort to communicate quickly as issues and circumstances arose. It never felt like an imposition, I felt our family benefited from an external support that gave clarity and strategy to emotional situations. Meeting in her home, in person at a convenient location, on skype, on the phone or via text Sue was always there to help us.

She applied a wide variety of techniques and methods and found a balance for each member of the family for individual and collective benefit.

I was very touched and heartened after our time together that she checked in so regularly afterwards to re-assure and generally bring positive motion to us as a family.

I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. She has an infectious and caring personality and has a dis-arming demeanour that puts you in a place of ease and comfort.