I have known Sue for many years as a professional parenting expert, commenting via the media and television, this includes her writing as an author and blogger. On a personal level, Sue is a mother of two young adults and professionally Sue has worked as a Deputy Headteacher. Her advice to parents is non-judgemental, sensitive and allows parents to make informed choices regarding their parenting.

Sue’s parenting club is a perfect way to support schools and Early Years development, with their home to settings links and vice versa, with parenting advice, guidance and support, schools are then able to directly share this information with parents.

Sue’s parenting club, is also ideal for companies, which will support their responsibility in supporting employees who have children. This is a great help to learning and development teams, to have on the spot specialist parenting information to share with their staff.

Laura Henry
International Speaker, Writer (Creator of JoJo and GranGran) and Consultant