Divorce can seriously damage your health. Here’s ways to cope.

You won’t be surprised to learn that many studies have shown, that divorce can dramatically reduce a woman’s self-esteem, their confidence and their mental wellbeing as naturally, divorcing women are undergoing very high levels of strain and stress during this time. This study carried out by Bharti Sharma and published in ‘Journal of the Indian […]

Parents who stay together ‘for the sake of the children’ are not doing the best thing for their youngsters’ mental health.

I was very interested to read in The Mail on Sunday about new findings published  by Swedish researchers and supported by University College, London around couples ‘staying together’ 15,000 schoolchildren were examined to see how divorce affected them and the study found disparity in children’s mental health due to their living situation. Couples who stay married […]

Things To Consider As A Mum Before Divorce

Making the choice to divorce is an incredibly difficult and challenging decision to make. Sometimes it is agonising as you become transfixed in fear about whether it’s for the best. Is ‘the grass greener on the other side’ or is it really better to stay with ‘the devil you know?’ Will the children be damaged […]

Divorce is messy.

Here is a recent Case Study: Sandra came to see me when she was 3 years into building her new life after her divorce but she was still traumatised by the financial meltdown her husband had left her in. She was still proving to herself that Mrs. Coker, her Maths teacher, was wrong when she […]

With the children out of the house, women in unhappy marriages often look at each other and think, ‘I may have another 25 to 35 years to live. Do I want to spend it with this person?’

As regular readers of my blog know,  I am going through a divorce whilst also re – adjusting to an empty nest as my youngest daughter has recently left for University in Manchester. For the new generation of empty-nesters apparently divorce is increasingly common. Among people ages 50 and older, the divorce rate has doubled […]