A BIG day in our house.

This is a big weekend in our house as my daughter packs her Converse, Mac makeup and heads up the motorway to Manchester to start University. I never understood the grief my own mother must have suffered as I left for University and a life full of adventure, fun, independence, and life’s steep learning curves […]

For all parents whose child has just started University !

Well my son has been gone almost a week and he’s having a blast at Fresher’s Week and enjoying settling into Brunel University. Through Twitter I am delighted to have a developmental psychologist, educator, researcher, and writer who studies how today’s youth grow into healthy, successful, and engaged adults as my guest blogger today. Here […]

The World’s Toughest Job !

  We have just come back from dropping my son at Brunel University for the start of a new era in all of our lives as he embarks on a new 3 year adventure to study Journalism at College and has effectively left home. It got me pondering about the Toughest Job In The World […]