Teaching Your Kids To Be Trustworthy

  Think of 2 people you trust. Why do you trust them? What makes them trustworthy? Why is that important? So, how do you teach that to your kids? Trustworthiness is an important quality we need to invest time in building in the lives of our children. A trustworthy person is someone who can be […]

John would like you to know that he did not eat those sprinkles!

How would you have handled this or have you had a similiar moment? He is soooo sweet and just keep in mind that many toddlers are still at a stage where the truth is often mixed up with make-believe. But perhaps the next step would be to chat about the difference between telling the truth […]

What’s Sepp Blater got to do with being truthful?

Being Truthful “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies”                                                                       Nelson Mandela Today the news is full of Sepp Blater and it made me ponder being truthful and how we pass this value onto our kids. I remember when I was 19 spending a night in a cold, wet and […]