Chasing your dreams in 2023

As we approach another year one of the toughest things about chasing our dreams is managing the disciplines of persistent action and hopeful patience. Here is my mentor Tony Robbins practical and inspiring take on keeping the dream alive in all areas of your life. What’s the story you tell yourself that holds you back? […]

A More Forgiving Way For Goal Setting In A Pandemic

I usually power up the music, get into a positive state, dig out my Tony Robbins Goal Setting Template & plan my new year. But I don’t this old approach will serve me this year and whilst I don’t think goal -setting is  cancelled in 2020— I think it needs to look & feel different.  […]

Heroes, Role Models and Captain Tom Moore – being a super hero to your kids.

Super heroes I’ve been pondering what being a role model really means as the country shifts it’s values and focus about what really matters, and what really counts, during this Coronavirus Pandemic. We’ve just seen the remarkable achievement of Captain ‘Tom’s 100th Birthday Walk For The NHS’ – JustGiving and we all go outside on […]

Talking Point – Schools are told to run parenting classes and measure happiness

Of course  regular readers of my blog and my followers on Twitter already know I am passionate about parenting because I see it as the most important job anyone can ever do in their lifetime and the one least of us get any training in. Raising happy, confident, well behaved, well balanced adults is a tough, challenging and exhausting […]

20/20 Vision

I’m editing my chapter on Work-Life balance for chapter 7 of my new book at the moment and I’ve just had my eyes tested at Spec Savers this week and have just picked up some stylish new glasses. It reminded me of Allison Mitchell’s great book “Time Management for Manic Mums” where she talks about […]