How do YOU teach your kids about booze?

I was on The Vanessa Feltz Show on BBC Radio London talking about the two mothers were refused alcoholic drinks in a pub because the barman said it   would “inappropriate” for them to drink in front of their children. You can read the story here in The Sunday Telegraph But how DO you teach your […]

Women will no longer be punished for looking after their children.

In a major change Mums who stay at home to raise their children will no longer receive smaller  state pensions, under plans to be published by the UK Government this week. In what will be billed as the most radical shake-up of the state pension for a generation, ministers will outline proposals to introduce a […]

Paternity leave: Don’t we all benefit if new dads stay at home ?

I’ve just discovered downloading the Sunday papers on my Kindle ! Bliss ! So I read with interest Jemima Lewis’ article in The Sunday Telegraph about how paternity leave is good not only for children and mothers, but can help the economy, too. What do you think ?