Dads can suffer from postnatal depression too … but they just don’t admit it’

Today I’m delighted to have Mark Williams as my guest writer raising awareness of depression in fathers. It follows on from his article in today’s Daily Mirror Here is Mark’s story. ‘The birth of a couple’s first child is billed as one of the happiest moments in their life. But, for thousands of women […]

How to STOP your kids picking their nose and other gross habits !

I’m delighted to be in The Daily Mirror today as I was asked for my advice around nasty habits kids have ! Stop doing that! Five nasty habits children develop… and how to prevent them. Is your child a nose picker, a hair eater or a nail biter? Follow our guide to stamping out your […]

The London Riots – Teaching Self-Control…….

As Tony Parsons said last night on Twitter “ It takes one night to burn down a neighbourhood – and it takes generations to rebuild it.” The House of Reeves furniture store survived the Great Depression and Hitler’s bombs but last night the rioters came and razed it to the ground. Reeves Corner was set […]