Steps for developing tenacity, ‘stickability,’ willpower, passion & perseverance, otherwise known as ‘GRIT’ in your kids so they develop self-confidence, self-esteem & self-belief.

Helicopter parenting, coupled with the belief that we should never let our children fail, have given rise to kids who are ill-prepared to cope with life’s challenges. With more research showing that ‘over involved’ parenting leads to more anxious and entitled kids, it’s clear that grit and resilience will benefit children in school and once […]

Do you prefer your children to be showboaters rather than Einsteins ?

I’ve been interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio today about a new survey that suggests mothers prefer children to be showboaters rather than Einsteins. Intelligence is low down on the list of personality traits mothers would most like to see in their children, a survey has shown. Rather than raising a little genius, the majority […]