When are your kids old enough to travel on their own?

When is it safe to let your kids travel on their own? As we near the time for starting Secondary School in September I’m discussing the Mum of 5 who let’s her children travel alone on BBC WM radio tonight at 10.30pm on The Graham Torrington Show http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7hx Here’s the story. ‘Why I still trust […]

New School Term – My advice in the latest Tesco Magazine.

  New term worries – sorted! Here’s my advice in the Tesco Magazine today. Tips for making the transition into secondary school or university easy and panic-free Secondary school 1. ‘Get everything organised and bags packed the night before to avoid a panicked rush,’ says teacher Charlotte Blake. ‘Know your child’s timetable so you can […]

Topic of The Month – Moving To Secondary School Confidently

    Children are about to move onto secondary schools in a month or so. Perhaps your child is one of them. This is a time of great change for a child and for the family as a whole as this transition is a time of growth, learning and independence. Children naturally have mixed feelings about this change. […]