Hitting the Brakes: Rethinking Being A ‘Parent Taxi’

From Screens to Streets: Unplugging and Unleashing Independence Stepping back from the role of always being a parent taxi and gradually allowing kids more independence to play out, walk to school, and bike to local shops requires a thoughtful approach that balances safety, communication, and gradual autonomy. But it’s an important part of getting them […]

Big Tech Needs to do MORE: How Do You Feel About These Ideas?

Obtaining robust parental consent is critical when dealing with your children’s data online‼️ We’re all trying to play our part & do our bit but the Tech Giants seem to pay lip service to their Duty of Care responsibilities for kids – lowering the age of consent to 13 & making that the default option […]

Worried About Your Kids Using Their Smartphones ALL The Time? Watch This

Smartphone Free Childhood  Suicides. Self-harm. Depression and anxiety. The toll of a social media-addicted, phone-based childhood has never been more stark. It can be easy for teens, parents, and schools to feel like they’re trapped by it all. But in this conversation with Tristan Harris, author and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt author of ‘The Anxious […]

The Social Media Jigsaw: Finding Balance in a Digital World

I’m pondering the problem of kids + #socialmedia As a society, we can take collective actions to encourage kids to stay off social media by fostering a culture that values real-world interactions, personal growth, and well-being. Here are some approaches: love to hear your positive suggestions 🤔 🧩Educational Programmes: Implement educational programmes in schools that […]

Ctrl-Alt-Parent: The Importance of Empowering Parents with Digital Literacy Confidence.

“In a digital world where the landscape is ever-changing, parental digital literacy isn’t just a choice; it’s a responsibility to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills needed to guide our children safely through uncharted waters.” ~ Sue Atkins In today’s digital age, where technology permeates almost every aspect of our lives, digital literacy has […]