“GUILT – The “BIG G” and gremlin of parenting !

  I’m writing out the marketing materials for some talks I’ll be giving in London to businesses called “Lunch and Learn” bite sized talks for 45 minutes on a wide range of topics as parenting is such a vast subject isn’t it, and one of the many that I cover is, “GUILT – The “BIG […]

The Power of Vulnerability & ‘Daring Greatly’ While Parenting In A Pandemic

  I am part of a Group called The Adler Café as I study the psychology of Alfred Adler as part of my continued professional development and we meet up monthly through Zoom since lockdown. Alfred Adler was an Austrian physician and psychiatrist who is best-known for forming the school of thought known as Individual […]

Why shaming your child on Social Media is NOT a good idea.

  Shame on You! I’ve just spent the morning filming a video for The Sun newspaper around their new campaign around shaming and blaming and humiliating children on social media. What is shaming & what it does to children. Shame is defined as ‘a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by wrong or foolish […]